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GBA Emulator

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I am pretty sure you are searching for a GameBoy Advance Emulator so you can play your favorite games on different devices. Well, I am happy to tell you that you have landed on the right place because only here that you will definitely get the best Emulator that you will need to play your games.

Using an emulator for GameBoy Advance is the easy way of playing older games that are no longer playable on old consoles. With the use of this emulator, you can easily play this games on other devices like your iphone and that makes it easier for people to keep in touch with old time favorites. And that is why we decided to create our own emulator for newbie gamers and advance alike.

We pride ourselves in our new release GBA emulator with its capability of running on different devices whether you want to play your favorite game on PC, iOS, android or apk as other would refer to. We know the gamers needs and we took the liberty of securing an emulator that you can use on any device so its only a one stop download and you don’t have to worry of looking for another emulator for another operating system or OS. Please take note that there is only one download link provided. All the files have been zipped to one single link so you don’t have to worry which emulator you need to download. After download, just unzip the file and the different folders will show which platform you would like to install your emulator. Go to download page now and access our emulator.

So to summarize, here are the steps how to get a GBA emulator


  • Download the master file from our official download page. It is a single file covering all the different devices
  • Unzip it from your device or windows. Third party unzip app is required.
  • Select the correct platform where you want to install the emulator. Note: The differenct platforms titled in corresponding folders.
  • Run the install file
  • Wait for a few seconds to complete. Takes about two to three minutes to complete
  • Enjoy Gameboy advance emulator on your mobile phone, pc, android, iphone, mac, windows and tablet!

We will soon be providing a list of ROMS and games that you can also download from our download page so that you don’t have to jump to another site and look for a new game. Hopefully you would share our site to others and help this be a single stop resource page for you.